Distress Tolerance: 6 Tips to Control Your Anger, Reduce your Shame, and Sadness, and Face your Fears

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Louise Mckissick, BFA, MFA, MSW, RSW
Founder, Lead Clinician

Your DBT (Dialectical Behavioural) toolbox is here! Everything you need when the emotional roller coaster ride gets spicy!


6 Ways to Chill: DT is the Key

We all want to feel happier, peaceful, open, receptive and in control. Negative emotions can be overwhelming at times, and when that happens, we will do anything we can to escape how we are feeling. Anything. This can create a whole host of other problems, from addictions to rash actions we regret. This series of six posts will explain the foundations of Distress Tolerance, which form an important part of DBT therapy.  

Why we Are Our Own Worst Enemy:

These Are the Skills To Use When You Are in Crisis

Think of these Distress Tolerance tools as your emotional 911. These actions will help you change how you feel quickly and powerfully. If you are very disregulated, you might need to try more than one skill, or keep repeating a skill which is particularly powerful for you. But don't give up. These tips work.

Louise McKissick, BFA, MFA, MSW, RSW
Founder, Lead Clinician

You have probably heard the buzzword mindfulness. It's been tossed about a lot lately, but what IS mindfulness, really?! Rest assured, you do not have to take a vow of silence or become a yogi to achieve some peace of mind.

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Louise McKissick
Founder, Lead Clinician
Wellspring News

We have been nominated - Wellspring (formerly Maamawi Counselling Centre) is up for a business excellence award this evening. I am honoured to be featured amongst so many amazing businesses. Go team!

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